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 Florida Captioning Services (FCS) provides expert captioning services since 1989.

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FCS offers a full range of captioning services.

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About Florida Captioning Services

Florida Captioning ServicesFlorida Captioning Services (FCS) was founded in 1989, to meet the needs of clients' compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  FCS continues to expand the concept of captioning services, in order to accommodate today's latest and most modern captioning services needs of FCS clients, using the most current 21st Century technology.  

If you are a potential client that need captioning services, call Florida Captioning Services, to learn how FCS will provide for your captioning services needs, with 25 years of experience, 100 percent client satisfaction, and dedication to staying ahead of the competition.

The FCS team of captioners are the most dedicated and skilled group of captioners in the United States.  FCS captioners are Nationally-certified at the highest level of accuracy and the greatest level of speed, who first served as veteran court reporters, before accepting the challenge of verbatim real-time captioning.

Recognizing the importance of availability when clients have a need for captioning services, FCS has captioners located in every time zone.  

FCS is expert in local, state, and national news, weather and all sports and sporting events, arena and stadium captioning, religious programming and church services, government meetings and government events, YouTube livecasts and YouTube post-production captioning, all aspects of Internet live-stream, televised broadcasts, post-production captioning and caption-to-video specialty, and emergency broadcast captioning.  

Our clients continually rate us ten out of ten on Professionalism, Qualifications, Budget Control, Final Product, Cooperation and Reliability.

Statements from a few of our clients include:  

"FCS continuese to perform excellent customer service."  

"Florida Captioning is very conscientious regarding scheduling, preparation, and product delivery."  

"We are very happy with the quality and consistency of the closed captioning services that we receive from Florida Captioning Services."

FCS is proud to have 100 percent positive client references!

If you have a need for captioning services, FCS can fulfill your requirements.  FCS will work one-on-one to assess your project, event, or programming, whether it is a one-time event or a long-term contract.

Florida Captioning Services has been awarded the 2013 U.S. Trade & Commerce Research Institute's Florida Excellence Award for Excellence in Commerce.

Florida Captioning Services has been awarded the 2013 DeLand Award for Excellence in Service to the Television Industry.

Choose FCS to be your captioning services provider.